PvP Battle

The hero can battle PVP 20 times per day at maximum, after which they can earn certain amount of fragments of treasure chest and experience. A complete treasure chest can be synthesized when 1000 of fragments are accumulated, which can be opened with a NFT key and get some gold coins, potions, runes, or heroes in different categories.

The hero can upgrade when experience of 100 is reached.

Players can play for the ladder leaderboard, and the top players in each season will win rewards.

Players choose the corresponding battlefield level according to the level of their heroes

Rookie Arena (Level 1-20)

Advanced Arena (Level 21-40)

Arena (Level 41-60)

The higher the league level, the better the reward.

Players can choose the enemy they want to fight against, or they can battle by random match.

When a player’s hero challenges an opponent's hero, each challenge in the primary battlefield consumes 50 WCH. The winner of the battle gets a reward.

Rewards for Winning-Streak

As reward for good performance, the player will earn additional winning-streak rewards (in WCH or unique NFTs) when they are winning 3, 6, 10, 15, and 20 battles in a row. The winning-streak rewards = winning-streak index * winning rewards.

Initiation of the battle. The game battle is very simple, which is a turn-based game. If the player wants to finish this round quickly and does not want to participate in the battle, he can skip the battle scene directly by clicking Skip to save some time.

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