Design Goals

The game of Wrath of Conquerors: Hegemony is designed to abide by the following principles:

Ownership of in-game assets: Unlike ordinary game items and currencies which are merely collectibles, players in Wrath of Conquerors: Hegemony can actually own the assets they have acquired. This game provides features that allow players to create new items and exchange them for fiat money. Through trading, players can increase the value of their in-game assets.

Item collection value: The Wrath of Conquerors: Hegemony encourages players to explore more game content, and at the same time motivates them to exhaust the collection of different items and equipment. After that, players can then form a stronger squad to further write the game story and increase their in-game assets.

Social interaction: PvP mode allows players to compete in various interesting but challenging games. This mode inspires the players to collect and upgrade their items to build a stronger hero squad and gain more victories. In addition, the exchange of in-game assets also creates interaction, just like in the real economy.

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