Single-player dungeon

A dungeon that requires only one hero to participate in. When a hero is sent to the dungeon challenge, the system will automatically match random monsters to fight with the player according to the difficulty level of the dungeon. The battle process does not require operation from the players. After a victory, the player can get the dungeon reward. The player may encounter random bosses during some dungeon adventures, where higher rewards will be granted after defeating the boss. If the player loses in the battle, they can get the rewards based on their previous victory history.

Each hero can only access a limited number of challenges per day. Heroes of levels 1-3 can participate in 3 single-player dungeon challenges per day. Heroes of level 4 and above have the same number of adventure entries as their level. The number of heroes’ adventures will be reset at 12 noon UTC.

Before entering the dungeon adventure, the player needs to pay some gold coins. The required amount may be dynamically adjusted with the changes of gold coins and WCH.

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