Gold Coin

Gold coins are the circulating tokens in the Wrath of Conquerors: Hegemony.

Total amount of gold coins: 25,000,000,000

Allocation ratio:

Yield-farming: 19,000,000,000

Initial liquidity: 5,000,000,000

Raised fund output: 1,000,000,000

Gold tokens will be generated through yield-farming, and they could be used for upgrading the heroes, minting new equipment, covering the employment cost, synthesizing new materials, etc.

The new WCH world will come into shape after the the gold coins are farmed out.

In the new WCH world, the player can choose to farm under the governance of a lord and pay the tax. Otherwise, the player can try to build alliances, fight from north to south, to become a lord to get additional earnings. It should be noted that, the income from a land does not belong to a specific player, yet it belongs to the DAO that governs the land. It will be the DAO that decides how to allocate the income.

The hero with level of 60+ will be able to enter the WCH kingdom to be part of the Kingdom, Guild or Community DAO, to fight for his own territory. Being in charge of the territory means being in charge of the resources to generate economic income. By then, the players will be allowed to battle in a specific territory, where the lord of the territory will be able to charge tax to the profit of players. Owning a land will bring huge profit, which will motivate the players to interact with each other, to come up with strategies, to recruit more heroes to maximize their profit.

Utilities of Gold Coins

  1. Gold coins can be used to upgrade the heroes and will be burnt as a result.

  2. There will be farms with 6 different levels. After the primary-level farm is open, the yield of gold coins will decrease gradually. There will be higher farming yield in the higher-level farm because of the allocated incentives, where only heroes with certain levels can access.

  3. The farmed gold coins will have to be refined in the refinery. 30% of the gold coins will be deducted if the players want to accelerate the refining process and get them out in the 1st day, where this deduction fee will decrease gradually in the following days and it will be only 6% in the 5th day.

  4. With more and more game stories involved, there will be a mystery furnace where the players can use gold coin and materials to mint the equipment NFTs for their heroes and also create new heroes.

  5. With the evolving of WCH world, the resources will be more scarce, so the heroes have to keep strengthening themselves until they can survive the new world. By then the heroes can group together to cultivate new attributes. It should be noted that there is a certain chance that this cultivation fails.

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